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Westin Sandy Inline 10.5cm 18gr

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Om produktet

  • Sandy Inline is designed for coastal saltwater fishing when sea trout are patrolling the reefs, sea bass are feeding in the surf, and other saltwater species are searching for prey. Sandy Inline imitates a sand eel and features great movement at both high and slow speed. It mimics an escaping bait fish when retrieved fast with spin stops. At a slower retrieve Sandy Inline swims in a tight S-curve, imitating a cruising sand eel. Sandy Inline casts to the horizon thanks to the streamlined body and intelligent placement of the weight system. This lure comes in several irresistible colors, from natural sand eel patterns, to brighter colors to cover all conditions. The inline concept improves hooking, and will put more fish in the net.

    • Teflon-tube inside
    • Lead-free construction
    • Material: ABS plastic / zinc
    • Ultra sharp single hook
    • Life-like action
    • Detailed design
    • Inline concept-loose less fish!
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