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Illex Tricoroll 70 SHW Synkende

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Vekt9.5grSvømmedybde0.5-1.20m +
KrokerST36BC#8 / ST36BC#8

The Tricoroll Ryushin 70 SHW is set to become your new favourite lure for big trout, sea trout and salmon. Along with the Flat Tricoroll this lure is the fruit of intense collaboration between our ILLEX Stream Master team and Koichi Fujimatsu- lure designer from the famous Jackal lure company. We have been able to tailor Japanese lure fishing savoir-faire to meet the needs of European anglers and rivers. This is a super heavyweight minnow that can be cast to extreme distances and sinks quickly to get down to the lower layers in big rivers where the flow is less strong and where big fish are often holed up. The lure starts working as it drops with a strong rolling action that also works well on downstream and ¾ downstream casts. Fished downstream the lure can be twitched and jerked with minimalist movements against the flow of the river. A versatile lure that can be fished on any water but the streamlined body works best in either strong flowing sections where it will hug the bottom or in very slow sections where tiny rod movements will set the lure rolling and turning. To avoid snags the belly hook is attacked to a 360 degree rolling swivel. The design is also deadly on species like asp, perch and bass. This will be the best river lure of the season! The name tells it all – Ryushin in Japanese translates as middle of the river!

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