Sportsfiske siden 1993

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Gunki Tiny Boomer 5 gram

129 NOK

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Om produktet

AksjonFlashing & vibrating
ModelSynkendeVekt5 gram

The BOOMER has proved its worth catching a variety of predators over the years but our testers have found it particularly deadly for big perch! This new mini version has all the great features of the original. Big target eyes, ultra-sharp perfectly sized hook and a high quality skirt whipped with steel wire, perfectly balanced swimming action with a blade designed to keep the lure down during retrieves and turning freely on the drop. This micro bladed jig is great for summer street fishing sessions combining plenty of flash, vibration and movement in one compact package. Ideal for perch, of course, but also black bass, trout, chub and barbel. The TINY BOOMER will get an aggressive reaction from all sizes of feeding summer predators!

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