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Gunki Scunner 135 Synkende Twin

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ActionS Action
ModelSinkingVekt53.50 gr
Depth0.10 -0.50mLengde13.5 cm

This two-part swimbait was developed from the original design of the OTACHI jerk bait. The compact and bulky body is the perfect shape for very slow retrieves just under the surface. Both the size of 135mm and 53.50gr weight are designed for targeting big pike, without having to use over size equipment. But the greatest strength is the S type swimming action generated at very slow speed retrieves! Top tip: if you have to slow down your SCUNNER and get a wider action, remove the hook from the back of the lure. Fitted with an eye under the head specifically to add a John Weight, the SCUNNER can be fished deeper exploring different layers of water. All you need to do is adapt it to the ideal depth of your spot and / or how the fish respond. Belly hooks mounted on a rolling swivel. removable tail section.

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