Sportsfiske siden 1993

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Gunki Gamera Slim 90 SP

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Om produktet

The GAMERA SLIM 90SP follows on from the great GAMERA SLIM 110 SP. A great jerkbait best suited to more difficult conditions. The lure has the ability to hang perfectly during pauses and shoot off with rolling turns at the slightest pull. The slimline silhouette and sparkling flanks of the lure get noticed by predators but do not arouse suspicion. Whether fished with slow twitches or a series of sharper jerks, the GAMERA SLIM is the ideal choice for windless days and clear water conditions particularly when fish are focused on smaller prey.

ModelSuspendingVekt7.0 gr
Svømmedybde0.30-0.80mSize (mm)9 cm
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