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Gunki Drag Spin 130 S

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Om produktet

Aksjon: Sliding, up & down, flashing  Model: Synkende
Vekt:  32.4gr  Svømmedybde:  0.20-1m+
Lengde:  13cm
The DRAG SPIN is a slow sinking pencil bait with an added lip that can be fished very close to the surface. Ideal for fishing over weed beds or in shallows such as the tails of lakes. Has a slow sink rate and stays flat on the descent. This gives you time to start your retrieve without the lure getting caught in weeds. Best fished on straight retrieves at a variety of speeds. You can also try short pauses to provoke a take – but hang on to your rod! The lure has two attachment eyes. The eye on the mouth keeps the lure high in the water, perfect for ultra-slow retrieves but equally good for very fast retrieves. The other eye on the front of the head holds the lure better at depth. You can alter how deep the lure fishes by adding a GUNKI CLIP WEIGHT to the stomach to the eye holding the first treble hook. The advantage of the two-attachment system is you can quickly swap from a very shallow retrieve to a deeper retrieve simply by swapping the attachment point and clipping on a lead. To get a more exaggerated diving effect try clipping the weight to the front attachment ring. This will cause the lure to dive dramatically with every slight pause, provoking reaction takes. By playing with different weights, you can also vary the sink rate. An incredibly versatile lure that will find pike in any swim at any time of year!
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