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Gunki Bull Frog 100

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Vekt16.1 gr
Lengde10 cm
Antall i pakken 2 stk

Whether fished on a classic jig head in open water, twitched around weedbeds with a Texas hook or as a trailer on a bladed jig the BULL FROG will attract plenty of interest. The large body shifts plenty of water while oversized eyes and twin tails flutter at the slightest movement add to the attraction. Pike in particular find this irresistible! The slit stomach section traps air and liquid additives but more importantly it helps the lure compress properly in the jaws of an attacking fish leaving the Texan hook free. When fishing the bait weightless, try filling the stomach section with a liquid attractant to add stability. The ribbed stomach section has a softer texture that predators hang on to when they bite giving you extra time to set the hook. Strands of tinsel add extra visual appeal. No fish can ignore the BULL FROG fished across a weedbed! We recommend a wide gape 4/0 Texan hook. Aniseed flavour.

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