Sportsfiske siden 1993

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Gunki Boomer 21 Gram

129 NOK

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Om produktet

AksjonFlashing & Vibrating
Svømmedybde0.10m – 1.5m

Gunki bladed jig designed to imitate the small reptiles found in our waterways. Highly visible signal eye has a hypnotic effect through the water and give fish a focus point for attacks. Fitted with a deliberately small blade to give off discrete vibrations ideal on pressured venues. Bladed jigs combine different vibrations from the blade and the bulky silicone skirt with flashing attraction from the eye and the blade itself. This is a great roving lure with a compact, loaded body. Works particularly well in overgrown and snaggy swims. Great for pike, perch, black bass and even catfish! We caught plenty in field-testing particularly when using a V²IB soft bait as a trailer! Skirt attached with metal wire to stand pike attacks. Mustad 5/0 hook.

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