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Rio Scandi Versitip

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AN EXTREMELY VERSATILE Scandi style head complete with a selection of interchangeable tips.

  • Easy casting body, complete with four tips.
  • Printed ID system for easy size recognition.
  • Welded loops on all ends.

Two product options in this series allow anglers to perfectly tune their line system to rod length, casting ability and casting space.

The Scandi Short VersiTip is packaged with a floating Scandi Versitip body and four, 10 ft long interchangeable tips, making it perfect for use with rods shorter than 13 ft, and for very tight casting situations.

The Scandi VersiTip has a floating Scandi Versitip Body and 4, 15 ft long interchangeable tips, and is the best choice for when using Spey rods of 13 ft and longer.

The included tips in each package are: floating, intermediate, type 3 and type 6 DC sink

#9-590 grains/37,9 gram -11,6m Head and 4 pcs 15 ft tips

#10-650 grains/42,7 gram -11,9m Head and 4 pcs 15 ft tips

#11-700 grains/45,4 gram – 12.2m Head and 4 pcs 15 ft tips

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