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Gunki Space Jig 28gr

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Om produktet

This GUNKI casting jig is really easy to fish with! Made from a lead free alloy, the SPACE JIG is dense enough to be controlled at long distance and cover different layers in the water column. You can easily vary the presentation by mixing up retrieve speeds and the rhythm of your rod movements. The centre of gravity is spot on and casts a long way thanks to the asymmetrical design of the sides. At sea the lure will flutter seductively when paused if you keep loose tension on the line – sure to pull plenty of bass, mackerel and bonito. Fished vertically, zander anglers can generate erratic movements and plenty of attractive reflections when jigging the bait. Being less dense than lead you can use a larger lure for the same drop speed which might be enough to trigger a proper specimen into having a go! A truly versatile multi- species, multi-venue casting jig equally at home on freshwater or marine venues.

Lengde: 7.5cm

Vekt: 28gram

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