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Daiwa Tatula 200

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Om produktet

TATULA 200 is the answer to many heavier tackle demands. Reinforced Brass Gearing can carry the load of more powerful quarry and is housed with a Rigid Aluminum Frame and Sideplate. To handle increased torque, a custom 100mm Swept Handle can turn the barrel with greater ease. The handle also utilizes comfortable Soft Touch Knobs. A Matte Black Finish with Red Spider Graphics make this reel a looker.

  • Deep Spool and generous line capacity
  • Reinforced Brass Gearing
  • Ridgid Aluminum Frame and sideplate
  • 100mm Swept Handle provides greater torque
  • Soft Touch Knobs
  • A Matte Black Finish with Spider Graphics
  • Well suited for heavier line applications.
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