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BKK BB Trigger 21 1/0

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Om produktet

The BB Trigger-21  is BKKs stinger rig for big soft baits developed in collaboration with BlackBay Lodge. Undergone through extensive testing with numerous big Irish pike, this stingerrig boasts a set of features thatre-defines the concept of a stinger rig:

-Front spring to secure the rig onto the bait

-Tempered stainless steel components for robustness and extended durability

-Stiff structure that perfectly adheres to the bait profile

-Pins covered in plastic material to secure the rig to the bait body

-Stainless steel swivels to buffer torsional forces

-Pairable with the BB lead system to adjust the sinking speed and pattern of the bait It comes in multiple sizes to suit a wide variety of soft baits. Adding the BB lead along the rigalso stabilizes the swimming action of the lure and enhances its attractiveness during thefall. Ideal for stop-and-go retrieve

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