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Westin W2 Finesse Shad 220cm 10-28gr 2-delt

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Om produktet

A range of rods designed with a progressive-fast action and sensitive blank, capable of handling a wide range of lures and fishing styles. These versatile light to medium rods are ideal for both hard and soft lures for species like perch, zander, asp, trout and pike. With their sensitive feel bite detection is enhanced, yet the progressive action gives the power to set the hook in the bony mouths of predators. A great range of rods for the angler looking to cover a wide range of different lure fishing techniques.

  • Reel Seat: Seaguide® XVS
  • Guides: Seaguide® SXOHLSG premium Guides
  • Blank: 24 / 30 tonne High Performance Carbon
  • Split-handle with premium grade EVA
  • Custom made rubber non-slip bottom cap
  • Hook keeper: Seaguide® Dhook
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