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Westin Goby V2 7.5cm 18gram

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The Westin Goby v2 will be your new best friend when targeting sea trout, sea bass, trout, or stocked rainbows, as well as salmon and trout in rivers. The Westin Goby v2 is a baitfish imitation featuring a compact body that enables it to cast far and cut through even the hardest winds. The shape and perfectly balanced weight distribution give it a seductive slow rolling side to side movement when retrieved, and during spin-stops it stays horizontal while it wiggles down through the water column flashing its belly enticingly from side to side.

  • Material ABS/Zinc
  • Full Wire through body construction
  • Durable hand painted detailed colors
  • Ultrasharp and strong treble hooks
  • Stay On – double split ring hook mount
  • Designed and developed in Scandinavia
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