Sportsfiske siden 1993

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Westin Bullteez Curltail 27cm 103gr

119 NOK

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Om produktet

  • The Bullteez Curltail, the name says it all. A combination of the Bullteez and a curltail. This lure is the perfect complement to the well-known big fish magnet the Bullteez Shadtail. With its rolling action and fluttering curltail, this lure seduces even the trickiest fish to attack. Retrieve your Bullteez Curltail super-slow in deep water, or speed it up and fish it fast over shallow weeds. This is the perfect choice for big predators such as pike and musky.
    • Free from toxic phthalates
    • Realistic eyes
    • Curl tail moves at super-slow speed
    • Rolling belly action
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