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Vision Nymphmaniac WF3 Flyt

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Om produktet

The Nymphmaniac fly line has a unique design that is aimed at technical fishing both with nymphs and dries. It has a super long and thin front taper which enables efficient Euro nymphing even at long distance. Because of the 8 metre light and thin front taper with a 6 metre Nymphing Zone the line wont sag like a traditional fly line when nymphing. This ensures the angler can achieve a perfect drift and maintain good contact for detecting strikes. There is enough weight in the back part of the head so you can cast the line as if it was a traditional WF line. This means that changing to dry fly fishing can be done very quickly. Thanks to the thin and long front taper a soft presentation is guaranteed with dry flies. At the same time it is not an ideal line for big heavily dressed dry flies but it excels in light and technical dry fly fishing with CDC flies for example. The line has extra small loops on both ends for attaching to the backing and leader. Phthalate free.


– Ideal for Euro nymphing and light and technical dry fly fishing

– 6 metre Nymphing Zone at front

– Soft presentation for dry fly fishing guaranteed

– Extra small loops on both ends for attaching backing and leader

– Phthalate free

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