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Starbaits M3 Dark Night 12FT 3.00 LB

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Featuring camo EVA DARK NIGHT handles, the M3 DARK NIGHT are elegant rods that embody the great technical attributes of our M3 range:
-Slender blanks with modern finishings
-Twin legged SIC rings
-Large sized tip rings
-18mm DPS reel seat to take the biggest reels on the market.

All metal elements and whippings are coated in epoxy resins that give the M3 DARK NIGHT a classy, sophisticated look. The progressive action will delight distance casting fans and is great playing big fish.

Size (cm)185
Length (m)3,6
Guides (Qty)5 + 1
Weight (g)350.5
Power (lbs)3
Reel Seatdps 18
Guide Qualitysic
Guide Sizes50 / 40 / 30 / 25 / 20 / 16
Tip Guide16 MM
Length (ft)12
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