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Starbaits Black Spot DLX Pod

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Om produktet

Bildet viser 2 stang modellen, men det er for 3 stenger vi selger. Kommer i en fin oppbevarings bag.

Manufactured using top quality mat black anodised aluminium, the BLACK SPOT range offers a compact and easy to use rod pod for any type of bank. The goal post buzz bars are incredibly stable and the two central supports can be extended from an ultra-compact 60 cm to 105 cm long and are locked with screws. Stiff and extremely light. Supplied in a carry bag with 4 BLACK SPOT adjustable banksticks ( 2x20cm/2x30cm) plus the corresponding BLACK SPOT buzz bar. The carry bag will take buzz bars fitted with alarms. Super light, great looking rod pod that offers you lots of flexibility on the bankside!

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