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Rio Premier Dart V2.0 WF Flyt

1.349 NOK

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Om produktet

PREMIER RIO DART V2.0 is a series of lines with a short unique taper that makes the line easy to lift from the water and perfect for cast when you have limited space for backcast. The short powerful head loads rods deeply and quickly for fast, easy distance. This is a great line for delicate presentations with excellent precision for fishing in smaller rivers and at the same time an excellent choice for fishing in windy conditions on the coast and in lakes. The compact head is perfect for beginners and even most experienced fly caster.

WF4F Klumpvekt 12 gram/7.3 meter Total lengde: 30.5 meter

WF5F Klumpvekt 14 gram/7.3 meter Total lengde: 30.5 meter

WF6F Klumpvekt 16 gram/7.3 meter Total lengde: 30.5 meter

Best of all, the line is built with SlickCast – the slickest, most durable coating on the market.


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