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Rhino TR 420 LC

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The perfect multiplier with line counter for our trolling rods. The counter measures the length of the dropped line in feet (1 foot = 30.5 cm) and enables trollers and sea anglers to target a catchy bait depth again and again. Four ball bearings ensure smooth running and a power crank for the necessary pulling power. The jerk-free and reliable brake has enough bite to stop strong opponents even in extreme situations. The reel is available as a right and left hand version in two sizes and covers a variety of fishing conditions from pike and salmon trolling to medium-sized sea angling.


Item number:0632020Ball-bearing:4th
Group:rollRoll housing:Corrosion-free housing
Brand:RhinoRoller brake:Extra large offshore multi-disc braking system
Family:Rhino trollingRoller crank:Extra large, easy-grip handle knob
Model:420 RH LCRoller gear:Robust power gear
Line size monofilament m:380mRoll spool:Aluminum spool
Cord capacity mm:0.4mmRoles Anti Reverse:Infinite backstop
Translation:5.3: 1Infinite backstop:Yes
Indent:85cmWorm Shaft:Yes
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