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Illex Tricoroll GT 72 DR-F

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KrokerRB-M#8 / RB-M#8

The TRICOROLL GT 72 DR-F is the diving-floating version of our GT (Gravity Transfer) series. TRICOROLL models optimise their weight transfer system to help cast accurately into headwinds and gain extra casting distance. The DR (Deep Runner) version has a tungsten bead to help hold the lure for longer in the water column. The body and lip profile of the TRICOROLL GT 72 DR-F gets the lure quickly down to maximum depth – ideal for bottom tapping and bouncing round snags where big trout hole up. The voluminous body pushes plenty of water and the flat sides sparkle seductively. The unbalanced swimming action is unpredictable and mimics a prey fish feeding near the bottom. Virtually irresistible to big trout! Designed for far bank fishing casting ¾ downstream looking for game fish and asp on medium rivers and equally good for bass from the shore.

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