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Illex Tricoroll 63 SHW

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ModelSynkendeLengde6.3 cm
Vekt7 gramSvømmedybde0.7-1m +
KrokerST36BC#10 / ST36BC#10

Our Tricoroll Ryushin range that now covers all European river fishing scenarios with the addition of these two new models. The two smaller models keep the key technical attributes of the original with the added ability to get down to the river bottom quickly even in strong currents. Their action is more jerky and dynamic than the larger lures. This lure gets down quickly away from any debris that might be floating in the river. Gives off uniquely powerful vibrations and visual signals that will fool the wariest of fish like asp, perch and bass right out in the middle of the flow. The name tells it all – Ryushin in Japanese translates as middle of the river!

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