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Illex Soul Flat 58 SF

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Om produktet

AksjonWobbling+Tight Rolling
ModelFlytendeVekt6.8 gr
Svømmedybde2 meter plussLengde5.8 cm

The SOUL FLAT 58 SF is a floating plug cross between a long bill minnow and flat crankbait. The flat sides and high body are very responsive to twitches and jerks and stop and go retrieves, pushing a lot of water without pulling too hard on the rod tip. The lip has the same great features as our SOUL SHAD. Extremely stable on fast straight retrieves with plenty of erratic movement that look just like a frightened prey fish. On slower retrieves the lure still has plenty of swagger and movement. The weight transfer system is released by a magnet making distance casting child’s play. The SOUL FLAT 58 SF has all the features of a great plug for perch, zander, asp, chub and trout on lakes and rivers.

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