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Illex FIT Minnow 70

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ModelSynkendeVekt18 gr
Svømmedybde0.50-1m+Lengde7 cm

The FIT MINNOW is a compact, dense sinking plug that can be cast a long way even into a headwind. The internal weight is moulded to the body interior to create a low centre of gravity that is very stable even on the fastest of retrieves. The belly weight is painted, giving the FIT MINNOW an enticing sparkling effect that attracts sea predators from a long way off. Originally designed as a bait for Japanese bass anglers, it has proved its worth with bass anglers worldwide for both shore and boat fishing. Fitted with an internal armature, the FIT MINNOW will handle light tropical fishing for small trevally, rooster fish and tarpon, for example. Ideal for covering chasing bonito, Spanish mackerel and small tuna and targeting leerfish, dorado, bluefish or barracuda in the Mediterranean when they are chasing small prey fish. Equally useful when targeting asp on big rivers with powerful flows. The FIT MINNOW is available in two sizes.

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