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Illex Dexter Eel 150

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Aksjon: Tight Rolling
Model: FlytendeLengde15 cm
Vekt: 21.5grAntall i pakken1 stk

Our Dexter Eel 150 is an elver shaped soft bait designed to appeal to all predators. Like the famous Dexter Shad the rubber is soft but tough and flavoured to the core with Nitro Booster shellfish attractant. Can be fished on a range of set ups from jig heads to offset wide gape hooks, Texas rigs or weightless. Great as a trailer with swimming jigs , blade jig like the Crazy Crusher or the Crusher spinner bait. The lure offers a useful alternative to traditional big shads. The deep vibrations emitted by the Dexter Eel can be picked up at range by predators but do not arouse their suspicion. Can be cranked back fast to cover plenty of water or fished more slowly to concentrate on certain key feed zones. This is a fantastic bait for targeting older more wary fish who see it as an easy meal. Perfect for targeting specimen pike but also catfish and pollok and ling at sea.

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