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Gunki Shore Shaver 85 Synkende

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ActionWalking the dog & Flashing
ModelSinkingVekt16.7 gr
Depth0.05-0.50mLengde8.5 cm

The SHORE SHAVER 85 casts a long way and responds to a variety of retrieves. Whether targeting bass, asps or Baltic Sea trout this compact 16.7g lure will target fish holding out at range. On the Mediterranean skipjack and bonito tunas are particularly drawn to its charms. Has the same great S shaped swimming action on retrieves and the ability to oscillate wildly when paused as the larger Shore Shaver. This behaviour is a real plus when casting at hunting fish. Cast to the activity, let the braid sit on the surface and wait for a heart-stopping take! Fans of surface action can try ripping the lure back fast with rod held high. This lipless minnow will produce a disorientated dog walk action that can trigger takes from the wariest fish. Fitted with an internal Full Wire.

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