Sportsfiske siden 1993

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Gunki Shocker VIB 21 23.3gr

129 NOK

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Om produktet

Aksjon: flashing Model: Synkende
Vekt:   23.3gr  Lengde:  37mm
Svømmedybde  3m+
This GUNKI spin tail bait is lead-free. The lure is made from an alloy that is very stable and displaces plenty of water giving the impression of a big bait. Fitted with a spinning blade emitting powerful vibrations that pull fish in from a long way off. When targeting big autumnal perch bounce the lure across the bottom mixing up the retrieve with short pauses. Be ready for sharp reaction takes when you start retrieving the bait again! Each detail of the SHOCKER VIB is carefully crafted. From the signal eye, the size and colours of the Indiana blade to the perfectly balanced proportions on each lure. Treble hooks come with small teaser feathers to act like a trigger point for any attack, particularly important when predators pick the lure off the bottom. The SHOCKER casts well and is easy to fish with. Designed initially as a perch lure, it has proved equally good for asp and pike. We recommend using a short trace that will withstand the ravages of pike teeth if you want to keep your SHOCKER VIB for any length of time!
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