Sportsfiske siden 1993

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Gunki Gamera Slim 110 SP

129 NOK

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Om produktet

ModelSuspendingVekt12.9 gr
Svømmedybde0.5 – 1mLengde11 cm

When cranked the GAMERA SLIM SP has a tight, lively swimming action. It does not create a lot of water turbulence relying on visual attraction with the flanks provocatively flashing on every move. This finesse jerk-bait has one other deadly built-in attraction-the “roll twitch”. The rear of the head section is angled downwards and this provokes a stationary rolling lunge when twitched with a slack line. This ability to roll without moving means you can keep twitching the bait over the tightest of likely fish holding spots –like a hole in a bed of lilies.

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