Sportsfiske siden 1993

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Gunki Furti-V Float Tube Bellybåt

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Om produktet

The perfect model for smaller venues and quick roving sessions. Great for snaggy areas and very discrete once in the water. Light and very easy to manoeuvre. Finished in a camo-fish colour for extra discretion. Removable Velcro reflective security bands. Comprises:
• Gunki medium pocket (x2)
• Repair kit
• Transport straps
• Foot pump
• Rod scratch
• Cary bag
• Reflective security bands (3)
Technical specs: • Maximum load: 115kg • Weight with pockets: 5.4kg • Inflatable seat with adjustable straps for the back rest • Front bar and security strap • Removable and repositionable secure pockets • Storage space at back • Streamlined V shape • Cary handle • Unhooking mat with measurements
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