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GUNKI D.O.T.S LURE S-175L-UL The ideal rod for plug fishing on smaller rivers. Fast action blank keeps you in constant touch with the lure detecting subtle changes in flow and transmitting every slight wrist movement to your bait. Perfect for plugs between 30 and 50 mm (GAMERA 39F & GAMERA 50SP) and no. 0 and 1 spinners

GUNKI D.O.T.S LURE S-198ML Designed for small to medium size rivers with the right blend of power and fast action to work plugs and soft baits. 198cm is the perfect length for controlled underarm casting and accurately holding baits in the current. We advise using plugs between 45 and 65 mm and no.1 and 2 spinners. GUNKI

D.O.T.S LURE S-210ML The perfect rod for bigger fish in medium to large rivers that casts well and can also be used on lakes. The fast action blank handles soft baits, plugs and spoons with enough power to get them working effectively. Ideal rod for the opportunist who is just as happy catching a trout, big perch or even a chub on the lure. We recommend plugs between 45 and 70mm and spinners from no.1 to no.3

GUNKI D.O.T.S LURE S-240M-ML Perfect for lure fishing from the bank when wading is not possible. The D.O.T.S LURE S-240M-ML is the right length for distance casting and a fast-moderate action ideal for holding lures steady in the flow at range. The fast action helps jig baits right under the rod tip around near bank snags and trees. There is enough power built into the blank to handle hard fighting fish with ease. We recommend SWH (super heavyweight) plugs between 45and 65mm and spinners from no. 1 to no.3.

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