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Gunki Chooten Cut BC 200

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0.29mm/ 150m183gr    7.3/ 1      1       9        9kg

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Deigned to be as versatile as possible the GUNKI CHOOTEN BC 200 CUT baitcasting reel excels when straight line lure fishing. Compact and light, the reel will cast a wide range of lures from 8g to 100g. Precisely engineered and fitted with top quality bearings and excellent reel grease the mechanism runs smooth and fast especially under tension. Features a quality line lay system that lays the line evenly right across the spool. This reduces friction on the next cast as the line can peel off smoothly. The monobloc aluminium body and solid drag system (with carbon washers) can be counted on to cope with any situation. Every detail has been thought to maximise performance. Even the handle is made from low weight carbon and features a small ring with the line diameter marked on it. Handle on the left. Retrieves 75cm/turn. Drag power: 9kg. Plus points !! – Low-profile aluminium body – Composite carbon flanges – Light and durable – Exceptionally smooth – Hi retrieve ratio – High precision stainless steel bearings – Infinite anti-reverse – Perforated aluminium spool – Multidisk carbon fighting drag (carbon washers), powerful and smooth (9kg) – Centrifugal (zero friction) casting drag. External adjustment knob – Handle on the left – Ergonomic “easy grip” handle

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