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Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool

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Om produktet

Simple but brilliant the Sokkou Knot Tool is designed to make knotting a mono leader to braid easier and perfect every time.

With the lines in parallel all it takes is a couple twists around the barrel, a pick up with the retractable hook and pull through… done!

Make a loop (A) together with the main line (braided line) and the leader line.

Place the pipe of Sokkou Knot Tool into the loop (A). Then, turn the loop (A) 5-8 times as necessary. (At this time, don’t push the lever.)

Slide the lever to push out the hook. And hold 2 lines together with the hook.

Release the lever to return the hook inside, and pull 2 lines into a loop (A).

After fully pulling the 2 lines into a loop (A), push the lever to release 2 lines.

Wet the knot and pull each side to tighten. Then, cut excess lines.

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