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Illex Nitro Shad 250

Our famous Nitro Shad is now available in a magnum size! With all the same great features as its little brothers, this magnum shad measures a whopping 24cm. teamed up with a 250g Nitro Head for a combined weight of 390 grams. Designed specifically for extreme sea fishing. The rubber is stiff and tough with a large tail that gives a powerful natural swimming action with a definite rolling movement and gives off plenty of vibrations even when worked back slowly. Can be fished vertically under your boat, linear, drifting or trolled. Can also be used for heavy cast and retrieve. The Nitro Shad Magnum is a must have lure for the travelling angler whether targeting big Scandinavian cod and pollock, Atlantic red tuna or tacking the Med. Not forgetting tropical travel after big groupers, for example…

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