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Illex Dexter Shad 90 UV

Our great new « hand poured » Dexter Shad range has been developed in close collaboration with Kay Steinwerth, fishing guide and Team Illex member known for his experience tracking big pike and zander based at Rungen in Germany. He is famous for using lure colours that work on the ultra violet spectrum. This range of Dexter Shad UV baits are characterised firstly by their extremely tender rubber and a range of 6 colours developed for very precise water conditions: * Glowing specialist= Highly coloured water * UV bomb = Coloured waters and morning and evening sessions * Zander special = Lightly coloured waters particularly tinged green * Mototroil special = Lightly coloured green tinged waters in bright sunny conditions * Salt&Pepper Green Belly= Clear and slightly coloured water * Blue&white Orange Belly = Sunny conditions and coloured waters (green or brown tinged). * Hot Tiger = Lightly coloured water + clear water, morning and evening. Excellent colour for pike, perch and zander. * Hot Orange = heavily coloured water + slightly coloured water, morning and evening. Excellent colour for pike, perch, zander and meagre. The hand pouring process allows us to mix two or three colours and add or omit reflective glitter whilst creating layers of contrasting colours that work at different ends of the ultraviolet spectrum. Flavoured to the core with our famous “Nitro Booster” attractant.

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